Deafening silence about 3801 LANCASTER

The investigation of Dr. Grosnell and his Philadelphia women’s health clinic at 3801 Lancaster has laid bare a gruesome underworld of abortion practices and highlights the hypocrisy of liberal orthodoxy.  It is scandalous and telling that our national leadership and the media herd have paid scant attention to the nightmare on Lancaster.    The silence is deafening.   The DC echo chamber has resounded with vainglorious rebukes of the NRA and defenders of the second amendment since Sandy Hook, so maybe we can be forgiven for missing the righteous indignation about abortion practices and the breakdown of the American family—Joe, Barack, Hillary, Rachel, Chris, Oprah, Piers, hello, anybody home?

If the good Doctor had only had the decency to shoot the babes with an AR-15 rifle, we could have a serious national dialogue about it.  As President Obama said (hypocrisy alert) in support of thousands of pages of gun control legislation and resulting regulations he’s trying to ram through Congress, if there’s even one innocent life to save, then we have an obligation to try.  But I suspect inner city mothers who frequented Dr. Grosnell’s clinic are still waiting for their tickets to ride on Air Force One.

Who needs a 30 round magazine clip anyway when a snip of the spine with a sharp pair of scissors will do the trick?  But the inner city parents of newborns whose lives were unceremoniously and brutally ended—the legal term is murder—will not receive media handlers, fly with the President, or be trotted in front of the cameras and Congress to make emotional appeals to ‘do something’ about the abortion epidemic and reckless adult behavior.

One of the women cited in the investigation had eight abortions from this monster and considers herself ‘partly responsible’—the nightmare is not just the slaughtered innocents and mothers who died in this, but the depravity of all the adults involved: elected officials and government bureaucrats, the national media, clinic workers, and their clientele.  It’s nauseating.

The murder of innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 3801 Lancaster are inextricably linked at the most fundamental level of humanity.  That should make us all uncomfortable about what we have sown.

3801 Lancaster


Broken trust and hypocrisy

I won’t bore you with another Cyprus story—if ever there was a warning shot for the average schmucks of the world, the IMF deposit grab in Cyprus is it.  If you don’t heed this warning through actions, you have no reason to complain later when governments and agencies like the IMF become even more obnoxious, immoral, and draconian in their measures.

A less reported story, but a perfect illustration of the folly of faith in government ‘rescues’ and the nanny state:  France’s budget minister, who is (was) in charge of investigating tax fraud and evasion, resigned today after the public disclosure of his secret bank account in Switzerland.  Corruption is rampant there, here, apparently everywhere.  The West really needs to stop lecturing the ‘third world’ about fighting corruption and market transparency—the hypocrisy is shameful and embarassing.

Electric Cars: Feeling virtuous is more important than facts; and Sarah Palin rocks the house

I’ve linked an article from the WSJ from a Danish author specializing in ‘green’ topics on electric cars.  He makes a point applicable to every leftwing position I’m familiar with, namely, feeling virtuous about yourself is more important than facts and results.  And the Left cannot constrain themselves from spending other people’s money in pursuit of their emotional satisfaction.



Sarah Palin rips Obama and the Washington political elite in her CPAC speech.  I have been unimpressed with most of her public appearances, but I gotta say, she was exceptional in this one.  Worth a watch if you have 29 minutes to spare.

Obama, Congress Must Reach Deal On Budget By March 1, And Then April 1, And Then April 20, And Then April 28, And Then May 1

The Onion raises the alarm about impending catastrophe in this fine bit of journalism from the nation’s capital.

“Both parties are hoping to reach an agreement soon, later on, a little while after that, and, after some time has passed, reach another agreement.”


Meanwhile, the effects of the sequester are biting hard at the Pentagon, where Andy Borowitz captures the alarming predicament in which we find ourselves circa now.  It’s a snarky and lefty viewpoint (published in the New Yorker magazine after all), but makes a point nonetheless.


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